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Emergency Medicine Advanced Practice Provider

Scope of Practice

Scope of practice include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Membership on the medical staff, including hospital privileges and voting privilege


  • Active and ongoing involvement in the quality improvement activities in the department of emergency medicine​

  • Taking patient histories and performing physical examinations of a patient and recording or dictating the history and physical in the medical record

  • Performing a medical screening exam

  • Performing diagnostic and therapeutic studies

  • Ordering medications; ordering and interpreting diagnostic laboratory tests, radiological studies or various other therapies. Orders may be written or verbal

  • Establishing diagnostic decision-making

  • Instructing and counseling patients regarding mental and physical health, including but not limited to the following: diet, disease, prevention, treatment and normal development

  • Referring patients to appropriate specialists, health facilities, agencies and resources. Also referring and conversing with appropriate consultants in regard to patient management

  • Performing such other tasks, not prohibited by law, in which the physician assistant has been trained and is proficient to perform

  • Writing admission orders as requested by the accepting or admitting physician per hospital and department policy

  • Performing diagnostic/therapeutic procedures, subject to state regulation and PA training/experience

For the most current information regarding emergency medicine advanced practice providers' scope of practice, visit The information above represents a sample of current practice procedures at the time of publishing.

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