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Neurosurgery Advanced Practice Provider

Scope of Practice
In clinic

Scope of practice include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sees all new office patients and completes a thorough history and physical examination that is problem-oriented for neurosurgical conditions. In addition to evaluating post-operative patients and routine follow-up visits

  • Interprets laboratory and diagnostic tests and correlates subjective and objective data to formulate a differential diagnosis and establishes a working diagnosis

  • Presents the patient to attending neurosurgeons and develops a treatment plan for neurosurgical conditions within the scope of practice and in conjunction with the neurosurgeon

  • Implements therapeutic intervention for specific conditions where appropriate

  • Exercise judgment on conditions requiring consultation, referral or evaluation by the supervising neurosurgeon or other healthcare professionals

  • Performs office procedures such as local blocks

  • Handles prescription refills

  • Reviews x-rays, MRIs and CT scans of hospitalized patients and office patients with the attending neurosurgeon

In hospital

Scope of practice include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Performs first assistant duties with neurosurgical procedures, including craniotomies, spinal procedures (including instrumentations) and microscopic procedures. Closes deep and superficial wounds

  • Conducts hospital rounds on a daily basis of all patients including intensive care units

  • Write orders and progress notes

  • Performs all hospital admission history and physicals

  • Orders appropriate laboratory and radiographic tests, such as MRIs, milligrams, bone scans and other radiographic studies

  • Performs appropriate laboratory and diagnostic studies, such as lumbar punctures, ventriculostomies, myleograms, and placement of tong traction and halo fixation devices

  • Formulates and implements treatment and therapeutic plans for hospitalized patients

  • Handles discharge planning and dictates discharge summaries

For the most current information regarding neurosurgery advanced practice providers' scope of practice, visit The information above represents a sample of current practice procedures at the time of publishing.

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